“We all have a role to play in protecting our planet and ensuring our businesses operate ethically, and with care for the environment and people around us.”  

Zara Churton, founder 

Before opening The Pavilion, Zara worked for many global brands helping them to reduce their environmental impact. So, it is no surprise that sustainability, reducing our environmental impact and supporting the local community are at the heart of every decision we make at The Pavilion. 

We don’t believe in cutting corners, the best food is made with the best ingredients. We only use the highest quality ingredients, many of which come from local suppliers and are grown or produced right here, in Jersey. If we do have to source further afield, we ensure we are working with ethically minded and sustainably aware farms and suppliers, mainly located on British shores.

Our speciality coffee is selected for its delicious taste, quality and social and environmental credentials. 

Our speciality coffee is sourced from Old Spike Roastery, in South London. Old Spikes committed to ensure everyone who comes through the doors of their roastery leaves with a better story than the one they came in with – the same aim of The Pavilion. Granted they are on a mission to help reduce homelessness in the UK through training and employment, and we are aiming to make your day better through serving their socially conscious coffee… but everyone should do what they can!  

Old Spike Roastery were the first speciality coffee roastery in the UK operating as a social enterprise and since opening in 2014 have been at the forefront of using coffee as a vehicle for social change.  

Beyond their incredible social outreach, we have chosen to serve Old Spike coffee as their speciality green coffee is a wonderful showcase of flavours and aromas. Their strong focus on high quality beans ensures that farmers receive a better price, which is roughly between 4-5 times higher than the Fairtrade minimum.  

As you can tell, we are proud to be served Old Spike delicious specificality green grade coffee, and I’m sure you’ll be proud to support them by drinking it at The Pavilion. 

To make a certified effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have chosen not to use tea bags, and to use loose leaf tea, when you dine in at The Pavilion. Even if tea bags are ‘compostable’ it’s incredibly rare that they are ‘composited’, and by making this small decision, we are reducing our environmental impact one cuppa at a time.  

We are keeping it in Zara’s family, by sourcing the majority of our bottled beers from Hook Norton located in the idyllic Cotswold Hills. Hook Norton is a proudly independent and passionate family business, that takes the best of its handcrafted brewing heritage and combines it with a thoroughly modern approach to create a range of beers.  

Hook Norton is one of the only 32 family-owned breweries in the UK, and is the finest example of a Victorian Tower Brewery in the UK.  

To find out more about the Hook Norton brewing process, or the beers we stock, visit: https://www.hooky.co.uk/ 

We are proud to serve honey from the Jersey Honey Company. Not only are we sourcing locally, but Jersey honey is one of the richest and purest available. 

By working with the Jersey Honey Company, we are also playing a vital part in ‘backing our bees’. Global bee populations are under great threat. Without them, flowering plants would sharply decline, which in time would cause a knock-on effect endangering all ecosystems as their food sources decline. Scientists have quantified that bee’s pollinate over one third of the food we eat! 

To taste this delicious honey, try the Hot Honey Burrata dish, or if that’s not your style, you’ll experience the Jersey Honey handwash in the bathrooms.  

To find out more about Jersey Honey and the other amazing products they have on offer, please visit: https://jersey-honey.com/ 

All our eggs come from the wonderful, happy and healthy chickens at La Croiserie Farm, Trinity, Jersey or Cosmo Kramer at Franfief Farm. They are delivered fresh to The Pavilion on a daily basis.  

Where feasible we avoid using any single-use plastics in our packaging. Any plastic you see on our packaging is purposely chosen as it is required for that takeaway dish to remain fresh and is recycled and/or recyclable.  Wherever possible we use paper-based packaging, or ensure it is reusable, such as our juice bottles. 

In line with the Single-Use Plastics Law that came into force in Jersey on 21 July 2022 we do not use any single-use bags (plastic or paper) and encourage you to bring your own should you need one.  

Beyond supporting local suppliers, we believe a business should be pivotal in the local community and support local charities wherever they can. The Pavilion is proud to partner with Caring Cooks, a charity whose ethos is so close to our heart, and whose values align with our own.  

Caring Cooks seek to empower children and young people in Jersey to grow, cook and eat healthy food in childhood and beyond, by educating, inspiring and supporting them and their families.  

For select dishes on the menu we donate 25p of each sale to Caring Cooks.

Find out more about Caring Cooks at https://www.caringcooksofjersey.com